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 Installing New Software on Your Laptop

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Installing New Software on Your Laptop Empty
PostSubject: Installing New Software on Your Laptop   Installing New Software on Your Laptop Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 4:09 pm

The easiest way to install new software on your laptop is to stick the software's CD into your laptop's CD-ROM or DVD drive. After inserting the disc, just sit back and watch as the installation program runs. Most installation discs use an installation wizard that will guide you through what you need to do. Just follow the directions on the screen. Soon, you're done.

Here are some tips for installing software on your laptop with as little fuss and muss as possible:

* If the program doesn't automatically install after you insert the CD, follow these steps:

1. Open the Computer (or My Computer) window.

2. Double-click the CD drive's icon.

Look for a program icon named something like SETUP or INSTALL.

3. Double-click that icon to open the installer program and set up the software.

* Save programs you download (receive) from the Internet to your Downloads folder.

Don't choose "Run" from the dialog box that appears when you download the program. When the download is complete, you can open that folder to run the program file, which installs the software.

* Windows may beg your permission to run or install certain types of software; click the Allow button in the User Account Control dialog box to proceed.

Some older programs don't install or work properly on newer versions of Windows (such as Windows Vista).

* Some programs require that you restart Windows before installation is complete.

* You occasionally have to quit all other running programs when you install new software because such programs may interfere with the installation process. Also, if the computer automatically restarts when the installation is over, you can lose unsaved data in any running program.
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Installing New Software on Your Laptop
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